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Interested in seeing and discovering more about the wildlife and natural history of the Gila River region? Then take a journey with WILD BY NATURE and discover the remarkable richness and beauty of the Gila National Forest. We specialize in developing customized learning vacations; outdoor excursions with just the right mix of education and recreation.

Whether your field of interest is observing wildlife, horseback riding and packing, learning animal tracking, exploring wilderness, backpacking, bird watching or taking in the spectacular scenery, we can provide the opportunity you are looking for! So join us for or a day in the frontcountry or a week in the remote backcountry and begin your adventure to discover the wild within you!

In recognizing that the lands and natural resources of the Gila National Forest have values of major social, economic, and environmental importance, WILD BY NATURE is an endeavor devoted to shaping Wilderness and near-Wilderness experiences that foster the honoring of our environment and holding in reverence the components of these natural systems.

Excursion length will vary from one-day front country workshops to multi-day journeys into the remote backcountry.  Tours will be designed for clients from a wide-range of backgrounds and implemented in a manner to promote appreciation of wild places and encourage them to explore and engage in the care and conservation of these treasures.


Gila Wilderness